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Khewra mine is the world’s second-largest salt mine situated in the foothill of the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan. Strong ancient salt blocks are hollowed from inside to make the Himalayan salt lamps are highly valued for their natural beauty and medicinal benefits.


With an incandescent lamp on the side when illuminated it spreads warm and soft light creating a magical aura of calm. The specific reddish pink shade is due to the presence of 84 different trace minerals.


Hygroscopic in nature these unique and artistic pieces of decorative material have been popular among health professionals for years. But nowadays these beautiful lamps have become trendy and luxury decor items.



These Himalayan salt lamps also known as Pink Himalayan salt lamps are not only used for decoration but are also believed to be natural cleaners and also provide certain health benefits.


Now the question arises apart from the aesthetic beauty do Himalayan pink salt lamps work ?? If so, then how?


Let's find out both the pros and cons of the Himalayan salt lamps.

Demand for Himalayan salt lamps has risen sharply due to their healing and decorative properties.


# 1. It cleans the air.


Being hygroscopic in nature the Himalayan salt lamps are thought to be air purifiers. This means that these salt lamps often attract and trap water vapors in the air. The theory is that any 


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