Geometrical Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp With 3D Plates

Product Code: GSL-40

100% Pure Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp With 3D Plate.

Shape, Size, Weight and color may vary due to Crystal Shape of Himalayan Salt product and box are fully assembled in quality shrink wrapping.

Note: 5-7 kg – 8-10 kg Lamps have 25 Watt Bulb remaining small sizes have 15 Watt Bulb.

Product Details

Polished wooden base & 3D plate

Fixed base with lamp

Soft light healing glow

15 watt bulb

Lamp weight 4 kg

100% pure Himalayan crystal salt lamp

Made in Pakistan

UL-Approved cord % plug

Quality wrapping both lamp and box

Silica gel packets to absorb moisture and keep dry

Don’t put in a wet place and direct sunlight

Avoid washing, just use a dry cloth to clean


Why Buy from Us

We are one of the leading and authentic Himalayan crystal salt exporter in Pakistan and khewra mines Pakistan are the hub of the Himalayan salt Lamps so we have 100% original products. 

Alex outhwaite ( Travel vlogger ) visit and views about our Pakistan's Himalayan Salt Range.