Rare Himalayan Crystal White Salt Lamp 

         White Himalayan salt lamp is available at ROYAL UNITED TRADERS (PRIVATE) LIMITED.  It is easy to install and soft glow.

         High quality wooden base and UL-Approved Switch/Dimmer Cord Wire.

         Size and weight available as per requirement

         Made in Pakistan and 100% Pure Himalayan Crystal White Salt Lamp 

         Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamp

Purifies the air

Improves breathing

Increase energy levels

Help you sleep better

Reduce Asthma and allergy symptoms

Reduce stress and increase performance

Neutralize electromagnetic radiation

Reduce static electricity in the air

Warning and safety measures 

Keep away from water and humid area

For household and office use only

Breakable handle with care

Keep away from direct sunlight

Always keep on a Matt or coaster

Keep out of reach of children's and pets.


Alex outhwaite ( Travel vlogger ) visit and views about our Pakistan's Himalayan Salt Range.