Himalayan Cube Shape Salt Lamp
                 Cube Shape Salt lamp is available at ROYAL UNITED TRADERS (PRIVATE) LIMITED. It is easy to install. You can not only use these lamps for decorative purpose but is also very beneficial for health.

                 Note: Keep it in a dry place and avoid a humid area, in case you feel wetness on the lamp, use a soaking cloth to dry it fully.

                 Beneficial for health 
                 Product code: CSL-20
                 Easy to install, safety packaging
                 Made in Pakistan & 100% pure Himalayan pink salt with a high quality wooden base.

                 You would like the way it looks. It could be an attractive addition to your home or workplace.
                 UL-Approved Switch/Dimmer Cord Wire.
                 Shape: Cube Shape
                 Shelf life 10 year+
                 Size and weight available as per requirements 
                 1 year warranty of holder and UL-Approved Switch/Dimmer Cord Wire

                 Purify the air.
                 Improving Breathing.
                 Increase energy levels.
                 Help you sleep better.
                 Reduce Asthma and allergy symptoms.

Alex outhwaite ( Travel vlogger ) visit and views about our Pakistan's Himalayan Salt Range.